Maximise your content's value with data licensing

Tired of having your content scrapped without fair compensation? Partner with Valyu to turn your data into a revenue-generating asset and help provide essential data for AI training responsibly.


Get answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions about licensing and listing content data with Valyu. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

What is data licensing and what are some of the key aspects?

Data licensing refers to the legal agreements that govern how data can be used, shared, and redistributed by others. It establishes the rights and permissions granted to users of the data, specifying what the user is allowed to do with the data. The key aspects of data licensing include:  

  • Defining the intellectual property rights and ownership of the data
  • Granting permissions for use, redistribution, modification, and creation of derivative works
  • Specifying requirements like attribution to the original creator
  • Allowing or restricting commercial use of the data
  • Determining whether the data can be sub-licensed or shared with others
What are the benefits of data licensing with Valyu?

Licensing your news stories archive data for AI model training will allow you to open up an additional revenue stream by selling it directly to AI companies. Simultaneously, licensing offers you control of your content and reduces the chance of having your content scrapped for free. For more information on the Valyu licensing platform, check out our Product page.

What types of datasets can I list with Valyu as a publisher?

Whether you're a news publisher looking to monetise your archives or a content creator with valuable data insights, Valyu offers a platform to showcase and monetise your datasets. We welcome a wide range of datasets, including news stories archives, user-generated content, sentiment analysis data, engagement metrics, and more:

  • News stories archives
  • User-generated content (comments, reviews, etc.)
  • Sentiment analysis data
  • Engagement metrics
  • Social media data
Are there any fees or hidden costs to license?

We don't charge you to license your content at Valyu. Also, there are no listing or transaction costs for you as a publisher. We charge a small fee to AI companies or buyers upon a successful transaction to cover the operation and maintenance of the platform.

How does Valyu support publishers in documenting and packaging their datasets?

We offer comprehensive documentation and packaging support to data providers, ensuring their datasets meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our team assists in metadata creation, licensing documentation, and compliance checks, making it easy for you to list and monetise your datasets on our platform.

How can I get started on licensing my content with Valyu?

Getting started is really simple! Simply send us the link to any of your news stories content that you'd like to license to us and we'll review it. We aim to get back to you within two working days with feedback and the next steps.