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Discover, Use, and Monetize Datasets with Valyu.
🚀 Build highly performant models with responsibly sourced diverse, quality datasets.
Bring Your Own Datasets or Use Third Party Datasets.

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Accelerate your ML

Training Datasets

  • Wide-ranging datasets for tasks across text, speech, generative, time-series, video, and multi-modal AI.
  • Tools to accurately assess your datasets' quality.
  • In-depth Data Cards detailing dataset origins and characteristics.
  • Custom dataset creation to meet specific AI project requirements.

Prompt Augmentation

  • Enrich AI prompts with context-specific data.
  • Reduce model hallucinations, improve response accuracy.
  • Integrate real-time data feeds and third-party datasets.

/ ValyuExchange

Discover, Curate, License and Monetize your Dataset Assets

Platform Infrastructure

More than an exchange — a comprehensive data infrastructure to govern, secure and ensure quality of Dataset Assets for Training and Knowledge (RAG) tasks.

Use and enforce robust privacy controls, simple licensing and detailed data cards for provenance.

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🛠️ Exchange SDK

Growing set of tools: benchmark, refine and synthesize datasets, create Data Cards and manage provenance. Integrate directly into your ML workflows, applications and pipelines.

Built for Engineers, by Engineers.

Prompt Augmentation

Integrate first and third-party data, reducing hallucinations and boosting application performance.

Ideal for RAG, LLMs, and chatbots, our platform provides the quality datasets needed for precise prompt augmentation and reliable AI results.

LangChain Support

📈 Curate

• Document and Version uniquely identifiable Dataset Assets.

• Assess the quality of your Dataset Assets.

• Generate detailed Data Cards for transparency.

• Enhance datasets with de-identification and deduplication.

• Index data for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

• Connect datasets to LLMs for contextual relevance.

📦 Buy

• Easily find and access datasets suitable for a variety of ML tasks.

• Growing catalogue of general and domain specific datasets for Training and Information Retrieval.

• Confidently use datasets with established provenance.

• Commission bespoke datasets for your specific needs.

• Easily integrate datasets in your Notebooks/ Applications with our ExchangeSDK

💵 Sell

• List datasets with full transparency and control.

• Apply robust set of privacy measures and with our PET toolkit.

• Licensing simplified for your Dataset Assets.

• Easily apply and enforce governance policies of your Dataset Assets as per your Licensing Agreements.

• Create and curate data products for AI applications.

• Access a growing list of buyers that can easily find your Dataset Assets.

"What’s slowing down AI adoption? Two problems: scarcity of data and talent"

- Andrew Ng


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